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TMJ Therapy

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your jaw, or the jaw hinge joint, our team at Spalding Dental has experience in treating these issues, helping adjust your jaw alignment, and relieving discomfort. We understand how important the function of your jaw is, persistent pain is not an option, Dr. Charles Spalding and Dr. Shannon Spalding can help.

TMJ, is a shortened abbreviation referring to your jaw and and accompanying joint, known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). When your jaw has been injured, or when your bite is out of alignment, you can suddenly be aware of exactly how often you use you jaw. Pain, clicking, or just the inability to open and close your mouth can be a constant source of discomfort.

What Does the Temporomandibular Joint Do?

The function of your TMJ is the motion and movement of your jaw. This joint allows your mouth to open and close, move up and down, and from side to side. This is needed for chewing, speaking, breathing and yawning. In fact, you use your jaw all day long. When your jaw is properly aligned, and your teeth together with proper bite, then your joint functions normally. When it does not, you can experience pain or tiredness in your jaw, pain in your ears, and even migraines.

Dr. Charles Spalding or Dr. Shannon Spalding will examine your joint for irregularities, and try to assess the source of your problem. Through a comprehensive exam, along with additional periodic exams, we will locate the problem, and create a treatment plan to solve the issue of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

How is TMD Treated?

TMD is generally caused from an alignment issue and there are several treatment methods available to help. Following your examination, we may recommend one of the following:
•  We can create a customized mouthguard using a specialized tool that tracks the movement of your jaw. While you sleep, the mouthguard works to realign your jaw. With time, this mouthguard can permanently align your jaw to its optimal position.
•  We can design a treatment plan that involves a full mouth restoration. This may begin with surgery, and include a dental appliance such as braces to correct your alignment and improve your positioning. This process can be long, but can save the patient from pain, discomfort, infections in your ear or nasal cavity, or even from migraines.
•  Some dental prosthesis may be able to help. We can evaluate different treatments including braces, and other devices that can shift your teeth.

Dr. Charles Spalding and Dr. Shannon Spalding have extensive experience in helping to reduce pain, improve function and in perfecting the look of your smile. We will work closely with you to determine the treatment plan that is most ideally suited to your individual needs.

For more information on TMJ, or correcting problems associated with it, known as TMD, contact our Anchorage office, our staff is happy to answer your questions and assist you in scheduling an appointment. (907) 276-7366
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